Tourist Souk Cartoon by Luke Warm

Important Information

Helpful Advice

Caricatures from photos

  • Each caricature is drawn by hand by Luke Warm in his Studio in Devon and is unique.
  • For B&W he works first in pencil and then dip pen with black acrylic ink and grey highlighter on 260gsm Bristol board.
  • For colour he works first in pencil and then dip pen with acrylic ink, watercolour and crayon on 300gsm watercolour paper.
  • Numbered and signed copy prints can be provided in Epson DuraBrite ink on 240 gsm gloss photo card.
  • Turnaround of a drawing is usually within 10 days but he has never missed an agreed deadline.
  • The quality of the drawing will relate directly to the number and quality of the photos you send. This can't be over stressed! Ideally he needs at least 3-4 clear, happy photos of each person. The person's face is the most important aspect for the caricature and for guidance it really needs to measure at least 50mm high on your photos to give adequate amount of detail. Hats, sunglasses and cropped heads make it a lot more difficult! All photos and other details will be looked after and returned by signed for delivery.
  • A good indication of a suitable photo is if you can clearly distinguish the person's eye colour (and if you can't please include it with the name on the reverse).
  • Luke Warm ideally needs proper hardcopy photos on his drawing board to draw caricatures. He can work from photos sent by email but prices his work based on printed photos sent in the post. It takes time to download, sort through, print and add names to your photos - especially for large group drawings - and this will eat into the drawing time you are paying for.
  • If you do need to send photos by email please send each photo attached to a separate email and ensure the file size is no greater than 3Mb - otherwise they can get stuck in the ether.
  • If you're sending photos printed at home please make sure they're on proper photographic paper. Please don't economise on this - the quality of your drawing will be directly related to the quality of the photos you send!
  • There are many dedicated online photo printers who you can send your digital photos to for printing. Try searching for 'digital photo printing'.
  • As a guide up to 5 people can be included on an A4 drawing, up to 15 on A3 and up to 35 on A2. But bear in mind the the more people in a given size drawing the less room for props and background details - trying to fit too many people into too small a drawing could mean it ends up looking a bit like a school photo!
  • The intention is usually that the drawing is not just a caricature of a face but is a visual celebration of as many other aspects of the person as possible. To help achieve this please provide details (and ideally photos) of hobbies, interests etc 
  • If you have an idea of a suggested layout a stick drawing always helps.
  • Though a useful guide, the actual sizes of drawings will usually not be exactly A4, A3, A2 or A1 as watercolour papers, Bristol board, picture frames etc are not sold at these commercial standard sizes and proportions. However the drawings will always have at least the same area as the A size quoted.  The only exception to this is for colour A1 drawings which are drawn on 760mm x 560mm (30" x 22") watercolour paper - the largest readily available size. Also Luke Warm usually works on the next paper size up so that there will usually be a substantial white border around your drawing.
  • Luke Warm has never yet missed an agreed deadline. Turnaround can be in a little as a couple of days though 2 weeks is usual. At busy times of the year (Christmas & summer holidays) it may be up to 3 weeks.
  • Please be frank about the actual deadline - it is very frustrating to have worked over a weekend to help a client with a very tight deadline only to be told when the work is delivered that it's not actually needed for another few days.
  • The main factors which determine the price are the number of people to be included in the drawing, whether it's to be in B&W or Colour, the size of the drawing (A4, A3, A2 etc) and what the caricature will be used for.
  • Essentially what you are paying for is my time.  So maintaining the complete thread of emails, keeping correspondence clear and concise, providing a single complete list of what's to be included in your drawing etc, will all help me put the maximum amount of the time that you are paying for actually into your drawing.
  • All caricatures must be paid for in full in advance including P&P by cheque to 'Mark Nesbitt', by BACS or by PayPal. If the latter 3.5% will be added to the total to cover PapPal's charges.
  • Standard quoted prices are for caricatures for private display only. Any commercial or other use (such as on a website, letterhead, business card, wedding stationery, vehicle graphics etc) must be negotiated separately.
  • Luke Warm retains the copyright of all artwork unless explicitly assigned in writing.
  • If in doubt please ask.

On the spot caricaturing

  • Luke Warm has been working as an on the spot caricaturist since 1993.  He won the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Best Entertainment Award at the West Country Wedding Awards and in 2013 won the overall Judges Choice Award from a field of 138 entrants.
  • He has drawn on the spot caricatures at almost every kind of event - from wedding receptions, office parties, birthday parties, christmas parties, trade fairs, formal dinners, ball's, barbeques, corporate events, openings ceremonies, product launches, trade shows, exhibitions, military balls, on board trains, on board river cruises and even on board Caribbean cruises!
  • He can work either standing - mingling with your guests - or in his small caricature studio area with seats, lighting and banners.
  • A caricature of one person on A4 takes 5-6 minutes and while drawing one person he can keep 4 or 5 more other people entertained at the same time.
  • When standing Luke draws one person one at a time on A4 card. With this approach he can work quickly round a drinks reception and is particularly good at breaking the ice at wedding receptions and parties and helping to get them off to the best possible start.
  • Later on at events he usually works seated in a small caricature studio area he's set up in advance with lights and banners where he can then draw couples on A3. For this he needs an area of about 2m x 3m, the use of 3 armless chairs and access to a standard domestic 13 amp plug socket for his (PAT tested) lights.
  • Luke Warm doesn't recommend drawing family or other larger groups at parties due to the additional time it takes trying to get people organised and keep their attention.
  • In a typical performance of 2.5 hours he can draw 25-30 people, in 3 hours 30-35 and in 4 hours 40-45. In an all day booking of 6 hours at a trade show he would expect to draw 60-70 people.
  • He always recommends that his on the spot caricaturing is seen as entertainment and that it works best when he's left free to respond to events as they occur. Due to the uncertain nature of parties he can never guarantee the number of people that will be drawn and also does not work to lists. If you want to ensure all your guests are drawn then perhaps it's worth considering his Place Setting Caricatures which are drawn in advance from photos.
  • If required, it is often possible to arrange up to two hour’s additional drawing time on the day, payable by the hour. Please give as much notice for this as possible to allow him to pace himself.
  • On the spot caricatures create a lasting impression. Each drawing is signed and dated with the location of the event and they can even be drawn on your own letterhead - so you'll see your corporate memento framed next time you visit your client's office!
  • The level of lighting is important. To draw caricatures Luke needs the at least the same amount of light as would be necessary to comfortably read the small print in a newspaper. For evening functions he brings his own lights for his small caricature studio area.  While he does like to be in the swim, it's best not to site him to close to a DJ or band as he needs to be able to talk to and hear your guests.
  • Working outdoors is ideal - in fact natural daylight is the best drawing light - however wind can make it difficult and rain stops play. 
  • Luke Warm is based in Devon and entertains mainly in the south west but he is happy to travel.
  • From time to time it is suggested that Luke Warm draws at charity events on the basis that the guests are charged on the spot for the drawings - to bring in extra revenue for the good cause. Luke Warm always promotes his on the spot caricaturing as entertainment and does not draw on this basis as unfortunately it's really no fun for anyone.
  • To secure a booking he needs i) a 50% deposit either in a cheque payable to 'Mark Nesbitt', by BACS or by credit or debit card through Paypal - if the latter he needs to add 3.5% to cover Paypal's charges, and ii) the details of the booking completed on his standard booking form. Once he has received both the deposit and booking details he will send a receipt and confirmation of the booking by return.
  • Luke Warm receives several enquires a day for his award winning on the spot caricature entertainment and unfortunately cannot hold a date without a confirmed booking.
  • The balance is payable either on or before the event. If payment is to be made on the day please arrange for either a cheque for balance payable to ‘Mark Nesbitt’ of cash to be available for collection.
  • Luke Warm has £2 million of public liability insurance.
  • If in doubt please ask.

Additional Advice for Weddings

  • Summer Saturdays are in high demand for weddings and it's not unusual for Luke Warm to entertain at two functions on the same day. For this reason his standard quotes are for either afternoon (12.30pm-5pm) or evening (7-11pm) bookings, but he's happy quote for any other times.
  • There are two times caricaturing at weddings works best: First as an ice-breaker immediately after the wedding ceremony at the beginning of the wedding when close family and friends tend to be very occupied with photos while other guests may be less involved. At this time he works standing and move quickly round the party drawing people individually on A4 card. By the time the wedding breakfast starts there are usually 15-20 drawings circulating round the party. He then usually continues into the wedding breakfast and often helps keep the greeting queue bubbling and cover any delays in seating or table service. This is also generally the first opportunity he has to draw the bride and groom together when they are seated at the top table and he brings a small stool for this purpose.
  • The second time is at the start of the evening entertainment when he can provide a highly original lead in to the disco and dancing. At this time he usually starts by drawing standing but soon moves to a seated caricature area set up earlier with lights and banners and then draw couples and small groups on A3. By this stage in the reception the guests are usually relaxed and happy to come to him to be drawn.
  • Occasionally he's also asked to cover the 'lull' between the end of the wedding breakfast and the start of the evening entertainment.  This isn't a time he recommends as usually any children are restless having been confined for the dinner and want to go outside let off steam, others guest want to go outside for a smoke or get changed for the evening and others still just want some quite time to talk and relax with people they haven't seen for some time.
  • The only time that caricaturing on the spot really doesn't work at a wedding is during the speeches - as it's too distracting to the guests. However Luke Warm has often entertained the children at this time or taken a pre-arranged break.
  • If in doubt please ask.