Magazine cover illustration for Sunday Business Post, Dublin



Illuminate your text with a cartoon!

Luke Warm has been providing illustrations for magazines, newpapers and books since 1992 with styles varying from hand drawn pen and ink with watercolour through to images created entiredly digitally.

For over 5 years he drew weekly cartoon illustrations for both the Financial Times and The Irish Times and for 2 years editorial and opinon illustrations for the Times Higher Education Supplement and the Sunday Business Post in Dublin. His work has appeared regularly in many other national papers in the UK and Ireland.

Luke Warm's award winning illustrations have been published in more than 10 books and he's provided cover artwork for both books and magazines. There are further details in his bio.

As with most commissioned cartoons, once briefed he usually provides 3 B&W roughs for consideration before starting on the finished artwork. Turnaround is typically within 10 days though for newspapers it has often been as little as 4-5 hours.