Conference Cartoons, Workshop, Seminar, Booklet


Conference Cartoons

Capture complex ideas in cartoons!

Was there anything special about the last conference you attended?  Was it fun?  Was it memorable?

Luke Warm can create pertinent, funny Conference Cartoons on the spot during your workshops, lectures and plenary sessions, and then immediately scan and upload them to the venue’s display system.  So by the first coffee break there should be a slideshow of 2-3 cartoons on rotation, 6-7 by lunchtime, and 12-15 by the end of the day.

As well as loosening up and entertaining delegates they promote further discussion and can also be Tweeted out immediately.  After the event they can be used to illustrate the proceedings at no further charge. The brown covered booklet shown top right contained 15 cartoons drawn by Luke Warm in a single day and was sent out to delegates by Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

If required higher quality redraws (like the images above) can be provided for use as gifts for guest speakers or for use in PowerPoint presentations, websites, books and other publications.  

Workshops, seminars, trade shows and exhibitions can all be enlivened by entertaining, thought provoking Conference Cartoons - and they're bound to create interest in your Twitter feed.

If Luke Warm is already at your event then he can also offer very advantageous rates for entertaining later on with On the Spot Caricatures at your evening drinks reception, dinner or awards ceremony.

The Valuing Nature Programme and University of Exeter staged extensive public dialogue events in Exeter, Birmingham, Glasgow and London from 2014-5.  Luke Warm was involved throughout and this video published in June 2015 gives a good idea of his conference cartoons in action. As well as being projected on screens and stuck up on walls at the event, the drawings were used to illustrate the final 112 page report.

Visual Minutes - working on a large whiteboard or paper Luke Warm can also create more literal Visual or Illustrated Minutes (also known as on the spot visualisation, graphics recording, graphics listening, reflective graphics, graphic facilitation etc.).  These complex diagrams help capture the salient points of the day in an entertaining and memorable way and become a thought provoking centrepiece.

Luke Warm has recently drawn conference cartoons for GSI at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, Engage at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, The Science Museum in London, NIHR CLAHRC in London, the British Natural History Consortium (BNHC) in Bristol, The Diabetes Research Network (DRN) at Imperial College London, the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, Trantham Research Institute on Climage Change Economics & Policy, the Evelina London Children's Hospital, Solent NHS Trust, RATP Dev London and at Public Dialogue Events in Exeter, Birmingham and Glasgow for Exeter University.

"Thank you so much for your hard work over the last two days – you were fantastic and much appreciated by everyone." - Holly Wright, RAE, at the Global Grand Challenges Summit, 12-13th March 2013, London.