PowerPoint caricature to introduce staff members


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Make your business more personal!

Why not make your next PowerPoint presentation really memorable by including caricatures of your colleagues? It's a brilliant way of introducing staff members and capturing the attention of your audience. And of course they'll all love being given the framed original drawings to keep. So why not show your staff you value them!

Caricaturist Luke Warm can create caricatures correctly sized and in the right format for immediate, seamless inclusion in your PowerPoint presentation (and caricatures can of course also be provided for all other popular presentation software packages).

Company Websites and Intranets

There are many other business applications for caricatures.

Head and shoulders caricatures are now a popular alternative to passport style photographs on the staff and contact pages of websites and intranets. Estate agents, solicitors and software consultancies are some of the imaginative companies already benefitting from this approach.

Similar sized caricatures have been commissioned for use as personal avatars in blogs and chat rooms. Larger caricatures have been commissioned for staff profiles for in house magazines.

Conference Cartoons and Caricatures drawn on the spot at your next corporate event would be both hugely entertaining and memorable - they often reach the parts more conventional approaches just can reach!

There are also examples of cartoons that Luke Warm has drawn for websites here.