Place card or table setting Caricature by Luke Warm


Place Settings

For really organised party planners!

A popular new idea is to have place setting or place name caricatures of each guest drawn in advance of a wedding breakfast or formal dinner from photos - can add a whole new entertaining dimension to your Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary dinner!

Either head and shoulders or fully body drawings can be provided.

Award winning caricaturist Luke Warm's Place Setting Caricatures are great ice breakers and also of course unique wedding favours! 

Drawn in permanent black ink and grey highlighter on postcard size Bristol board with a fold on the top edge, they are guaranteed to break the ice - especially if the names of the 'victims' are not included! Don't worry though a 'key' can be provided for the host in case identical twins are present..

Quite apart from their unique entertainment value each caricature makes a very personal going home present (or wedding favour) for your guests which can then be framed as a unique memento of the occasion. 

Group caricature

The whole group can also be montaged together into one large image on a hand drawn background of your choice (the wedding venue?) and professional bureau prints provided on glossy photographic paper. 4' by 3' is quite feasable and looks great framed as a centrepiece on the day while each guest could take home a smaller A3 print tied with a bow.


Another idea to have scans of the place settings digitally printed into a leather bound Guestbook for your all friends to sign.

Place setting caricatures have been used at all sorts of events in the past including charity balls and gala dinners, buffets and banquets. They've even been taken to events overseas.

.. and many thanks to Lucy and James for kindly allowing the use of photos from their beautiful wedding in Portugal!