The moment of presentation of a mounted and framed caricature by Luke Warm


Caricatures from Photos

- Celebrate Someone Special!!

Welcome to our Caricatures from Photos page!  Award winning caricaturist Luke Warm has now drawn literally hundreds of caricatures and cartoons from photos, all commissioned over the internet. He's particularly known for the good likeness of his caricatures, the amount of additional detail included in each drawing and his exceptional customer service. The main points:

  • 1- 40 people can be included in each caricature
  • no additional charge for including pets (within reason!)
  • caricatures in B&W or colour & at A4, A3, A2 or A1 size 
  • turnaround as little as 24 hours; 10 days is usual
  • the better photos you provide the better your drawing!
  • mounting and framing is available if required
  • Caricatures by Luke Warm have already received over 165 highly positive, independent reviews through Freeindex


Please fill out the Enquiry form with outline details of what you'd like. You can expect to receive a prompt, comprehensive and personal reply usually within the working day. Initially the main details required are the number of people to be included, the use the drawing will to be put to and your deadline.

B&W or Colour?

For the classic, timeless look it's hard to beat B&W - great for wedding invitations and formal occasions.  Adding colour will give the caricature warmth and fun.


I do please need hardcopy printed photos to work from - which allows me to put the maximum amount of the time you're paying for into the drawing itself, and also ensures that the references I'm working from are correct.

The quality of your caricature will directly depend on the quality of your photos - this is by far the most important element in the whole process!  You do need to put time to this!

At least 2-3 recent, close, clear, happy, smiling pictures of each person, without hats or sunglasses, showing the complete outline of the head are needed.  Ideally the head needs to be at least 2" high - a good test of a picture is whether you can make out the eye colour - and there needs to be enough clear detail to allow the caricature to be drawn several times larger than in the photo. I also need photos of all the props and background items to be included. Professionally printed photos are best - online digital printer Snapfish offers 40 free prints with your first upload. All pictures will be carefully looked after and returned to you.

Size of Caricature?

As a guide 1-5 people can be included at A4 size (210mm x 297mm), 1-15 at A3 (297mm x 420mm), 1-30 at A2 (420mm x 594mm) and 1-40 at A1 (594mm x 840mm) . However the more people on a given size of paper the less room for background details and context - packing too many people in can make a drawing end up looking like a school photo! A3 is the most popular size and makes a handsome present.


Luke Warm can provide signed and numbered copies of group drawings printed in Epsom DuraBrite ink on heavy 160gsm glossy photo card so that everyone in the drawing has a copy.


Cartoons and Caricatures drawn from photos make highly original presents - why not click on the 'See More' link above to visit the Gallery of Caricatures from Photos or check out his Instagram page. As well as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries they're very popular for leaving and retirement presents. They're also often used as 'financial tombstones' to celebrate the completion of a project - with all the key members having signed and dated copies. Family portraits of up to 30 people have been commissioned for Paper, Silver, Ruby, Gold, Emerald and Diamond wedding presents and large group caricatures are also often commissioned by corporate clients and the military (Officer's, Warrant Officer's, Sergeant's Messes etc) - they build team spirit!

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For further guidance on Caricatures from Photos please consult the Helpful Advice. (Updated 2019)